Frequently Asked Questions about the SVCMS Forever Home Project

When will we be moving onto the land? What is the current expected timeline?
Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary and Middle School students are targeting Fall 2021 to move into modular units on the land.  Children’s House will remain in its current location until the permanent Forever Home is constructed. 
Will SVCMS have bus service to our forever home?
Public transportation currently runs close to the Sister’s Property. Local buses are free.
Is this really going to happen in our kids’ school lifetime?
Yes. We believe we have a clear line of sight to a modular campus by Fall 2021 and a permanent Forever Home a few years after that.
What can we as parents do to help the process? 
There are several areas where parents can actively help make this vision a reality.  We will communicate ongoing ways to get involved via the Forever Home Blog and the monthly newsletter!
What is happening right now with regard to the land?
As of September 2019, we are actively working on land preparation (permits, roads, water, additional infrastructure).  We hope to have the land ready to support 1 – 2 modular units by Fall 2020.
How much money needs to be raised? What can I do to help raise that amount?
Our current target amount to enable LE, UE and MS students to move onto the land by Fall 2021 is $1.2 million.  We will be conducting a coordinated fundraising campaign and will definitely look for strong community involvement (e.g. letter writing, community fundraising activities) 
Where will the administrative offices (e.g. principal’s office) be located during these transition years?
There will be administrative offices anywhere there are students.