Upcoming SVCMS Video

The school has recently started the process of creating an SVCMS video. The video is an important step in our journey to securing funding for our Forever Home. It’s a great way to show potential donors a snapshot of the magic that happens at the school, and in many cases, is a requirement for grant applications.

We’re excited to showcase the great work being done at SVCMS and are thankful to have a parent volunteer who has stepped up to help us tell our story. We could use your help too!

  • Do you have a story about what SVCMS has meant to your family?
  • Can you provide a testimony to the quality of education that is offered at SVCMS?
  • Are you willing to share what you love about the school?

The camera will be rolling to capture parent testimonials about what they value about SVCMS. We’d love to hear from you. Please complete this form indicating your availability if you have a testimony to share.

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