Building Our Forever Home

Barn raising is a bit of antiquated concept now, but historically it was the best way to handle building a structure that required more labor than a typical family could provide. A barn was a costly and big work, yet also an essential for any farm family. The only way for it to become a reality was through the collective action of the community.

As we work toward building a Forever Home, barn raising comes up as an apt metaphor. It’s a big, costly work, but essential to ensure a thriving future for our school. It will become a reality only through the collective action of our community.

We welcome and depend upon strong community energy and support as we begin the next leg of our journey toward a Forever Home. We are proud of our robust and authentic Montessori program and look forward to serving more students and more diverse populations well into the future.

Please review the presentation slides from our Facility and Finance Meeting to see our current plan for moving into a Forever Home.  We are also planning to release an audio track of the meeting.

This site is meant for sharing information, seeking help, and keeping the community apprised on the current status.

Please join with us in sharing your time and talent to raise this school, knowing that your work will enable a lasting Montessori presence in Longmont.

Thank you for being champions of SVCMS!